Josh Bailey and Andy Canfield

March 2016. Two mates having a beer after work, talking about how fed up and bored they are in their regular jobs in the construction industry in Gold Coast. They needed more, something exciting, a fresh new challenge. After the first beer, the new goal was clear.

Fast forward one month and the lease was signed to create a new cafe, restaurant and bar located in the hottest spot in the upcoming suburb of Palm Beach.

The boys, with the help of close friends and family, spent days and nights building the venue with their own hands, their own design and signature style.

As days went by and the place was taking shape, Andy and Josh felt the need to incorporate plants everywhere and give a natural feeling to the venue.

The name became clear as the timber was nailed and the paint dried: Wildernis, a place that is now much more than a restaurant. A perfect spot to have breakfast with the family, have a meeting over a couple of coffees, celebrate an anniversary, a romantic dinner or just a few drinks to catch up with friends.